Feb 7, 2009


I set up this photo blog in the hopes that I can inspire myself to get back into the habit of taking pictures.  I started taking photographs a few years ago and since garden blogging has taken so much of my time I've noticed that I don't really enjoy taking photos for the fun of it anymore.

Once upon a time I took a lot of photos and photography was my creative outlet. I even managed to get one published in a photography magazine. Lately I feel like it is more of a chore since I have to take photos to accompany my garden blog and I hate that I feel like this about my first love.

I'll try to label the posts with the make and model of the camera I used to take the picture because people always seem to want to know what camera is being used.

The photos here will cover anything I find interesting and could be nature-related or other things I find interesting that have nothing to do with nature. I'd add these photos to my garden blog but I notice that I'm quickly running out of storage space there. I'm not sure how often I'll be uploading photos here after I edit some I want to post. 

These photos were/will be taken in an around the city of Chicago,  IL.

I watermark all of my photos because they're mine. If you'd like to use a photo of mine ask and we may come to an understanding that we're both happy with.